October 8th 2020 - Starter Release Notes 0.2

Starter 0.2 release notes

New features

Progress bar

A progress bar has been added to the top bar in Starter. The progress bar will automatically open to show you progress for all ingest, move and delete actions, this includes the individual steps for each action.


Starter now has a dashboard! You can view the dashboard by clicking on the dashboard icon on the left-side menu bar (the icon below the Explorer eye icon). The dashboard currently has the following widgets:


Current package

Link to public portal

Link to resource library

Recently migrated files (with filter options – last 24h, last week, etc.)

Most recently edited metadata (includes the same filter options)

All file formats in your repository.

Move multiple files at once

You can now move multiple files and/or folders at once. Select the files and/or folders by holding down the shift key on your keyboard while clicking on the files and/or folders. Your selection will be highlighted, and you can then move them all together using drag-and-drop. When the move has started progress displays in the progress bar panel.

Ingest folders and multiple files

You can also now ingest folders and multiple files. Select the files in File Explorer and then use drag-and-drop.

Note: when ingesting a folder currently, the structure will not be maintained meaning all of the files within the folder and possible subfolders will all be ingested to the same place at the same level.


Password reset is now automated

If you need to reset your password, when you now click on Forgot your password? and enter your email address, an email will be sent instantly which contains a link to reset your password. This means that there is no longer a 24-hour waiting period!


For this release we addressed many of the issues raised through your feedback as possible. Noteworthy fixes are mentioned below:

No prompt on saving metadata

If you click away from the metadata panel without having saved your edits, you will be prompted to save your edits before exiting.

Move files and folders to root folder

You can now move your files and folders back to the root level of Starter. Currently this can be done by dragging your file into the area highlighted in the image below.

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