November 9th 2020 - Starter Release Notes 0.2.1

Starter 0.2.1 release notes

New features

Ingest zipped files and folders

It is now possible to ingest zipped files and folders of any structure. For example, the following can be ingested within a zip:

Multiple files

Multiple folders with files inside

A single file

A single folder with files inside

A zipped folder within a zip

Note: For Mac users refer to this documentation for instructions on using this feature.

Add description to folder

You can now add a description to a folder when you create or edit a folder. The Create a folder action now includes a new description field. To update an existing folder, right-click on the folder and choose Edit folder to add a description. The description you add within Starter will also be displayed on the portal.


New metadata view

A new view has been implemented to make it clearer and easier to work with metadata by showing the fields alongside the asset rather than in a slide-out panel.

Checksum in advanced information

We now display the checksum generated for each generation at ingest for file integrity. This can be found by going to the Preservation History tab and clicking on the Advanced information button.

File size in preservation history

In the Preservation History, below the filename, the file size now displays for each generation.

Ingest folders – maintain structure

The ingest folder functionality has been improved. Previously you could ingest multiple files from within a folder using drag-and-drop (without retaining the folder structure). We have now added an Upload folder action to the Add button within Explorer, using this action when you ingest folders maintains the structure. The Upload folder action is also available when right-clicking on a folder.

This functionality is supported on the following browsers:

Microsoft Windows:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

Apple Mac:

Apple Safari

Mozilla Firefox


History of asset

There is now a table view in the History of asset panel making it easier to identify, and improve readability.

New help center

A new help center has been created where you can find information regarding releases, helpful guides on features, a glossary and join the new community forum. Here you can engage with other starter users to share thoughts and ask questions. You can access the new help center using the question mark button in the top header in Starter or using this link:


Metadata searching

The search functionality in Starter now also includes metadata fields. When you now search, you will see results from the content (files and folders) and metadata fields (Dublin Core and MODS).

Home button in left-side bar

A Home buttonhas been added to the left-side bar so that it is easier to move files back to the “home” level.

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