December 16th 2020 - Starter Release Notes 0.3

New features

Choose what folders and assets are shown on the public portal

This feature gives you the flexibility to decide what content you make available for online discovery via the access portal and what content should remain private, which means that it is only visible to yourself.

Existing content in your Starter instance will remain public unless you render it private at either a folder or file level. 

Right-click on a folder or asset and from the Actions menu, choose Private or Public as your access view. Public assets display a ‘shared’ icon to indicate that they are shown on your portal.


Shared icon on light theme


Shared icon on dark theme

For further information on how to use this new feature, please read this guide and if you can't see this option straightaway then you may be accessing a cached version of the page, so please press CTRL-F5 in your browser to refresh.

Upgrade your Starter plan

You can now upgrade your Starter plan from a button on the dashboard. From the Storage widget, click the Upgrade now button to visit the Starter pricing page, which shows the different options available along with links to register.

Number of folders and assets

We now show the number of folders and assets in the explorer window as shown below.



Store view method on public portal

There was an issue found where if you chose table view as your preference, this was not saved. Your preferred view is now persisted.

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