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 I have a question about the feature: "No lock-in – get content & metadata back at anytime."

If I uploaded 5GB of material and then decided to move to a different DP system, then would I get the data back in its original form or would I get the files back in preservation formats, check sums, and added metadata? 

Or more generally, what does the the export process look like?

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Hi Elizabeth,

Yes absolutely, if you decided to move away from Preservica Starter then you would receive the folder and asset structure, all descriptive metadata for all folders and assets, the audit trail on all items, all your files (original and derived) plus the associated technical metadata and checksums. This is returned using an Open Preservation Exchange format so it can be easily read as you wish.

In terms of the overall process, if you want to leave then you can do so at any time by completing this form and our Customer team will work with you to close your account and ensure you receive a zip file containing all of the above quickly and securely.


Head of Customer Success

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