January 14th 2021 - Starter Release Notes 0.3.1

New features

Password strength indicator

There is now a strength indicator to help you choose a suitable password that meets the password strength rules set by Preservica. The strength indicator shows you when you have achieved the requirements for a strong and secure password, there is help prompt to remind you of the requirements.


Last logged in details on dashboard

You can now see information relating to your last logged in details on the dashboard.


Progress bar improvements

There is now a new look to the progress bar, which now contains two tabs showing you which items are in the browser upload stage and which are currently preserving.  The preserving tab shows you the current step within the preserving process.

Browser upload



Multi-file ingest optimisation

If you are looking to ingest more than five single files at once, we have now optimised the processing by zipping up your files before ingest.


Public/private switch improvements

Whilst you are changing security tags on your folders you will now see a spinner to indicate when the change is in progress, and when the change has completed.

I started with the new Release yesterday (14th January 2021)

A good start, and lots of challenges.

Go on!

Great updates! Thanks Steve!

Deleting files - a trevious attempt to do when you have a lot if single files. Is there a way to delete a whole folder / all? (I'm just trying to set up a first approach)

If the single files are in a containing folder then that folder can be deleted by right clicking on it. However if they sit at the root level they will need to be deleted individually or moved to a folder, you can move multiple files at once by CTRL clicking to highlight and then drag and drop.

The support does not support the same method for multiple file deletions at the moment.

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