February 10th 2021 - Starter Release Notes 0.4.0

New Recycle Bin 


To make it easier for you to see and manage assets and folders that you have chosen to delete, there is now a recycle bin. 


Click Delete folder or Delete asset as you do now and the selected items will be moved to the recycle bin, where they will be automatically deleted after 90 days. 




The recycle bin icon is at the bottom of the Explorer left-hand navigation pane, the total number of items that have been moved to the recycle bin is shown to the right. 




Click Recycle bin to see the contents: 

  • You can choose to empty your recycle bin and all items will be deleted with immediate effect. 

  • Or you can restore items if needed by clicking on them and choosing Restore, the item will return to the original location in your collection. 

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