March 8th 2021 - Starter Release Notes 0.4.1

Bulk metadata editing

To make it quicker to edit descriptive metadata, you can now update, replace or delete metadata for existing Dublin Core and MODS fragments across several assets, using the new Bulk metadata editing feature. 

Within Explorer multi-select* the items you want to edit then right-click to display the Bulk options menu, choose Bulk edit metadata.

The Bulk edit metadata dialog box displays, choose the edit action you want to apply and then the schema, term and value to apply the edit as shown below. Edits can be applied to both folders and assets.

A full user guide can be found here and in system walkthrus are available from the Starter+ menu that can be found in the 'Let us Help You' dropdown when you hover over the

Tip: *to multi-select items hold down the shift-key and then click on the item to select it, repeat until you have completed your selection.

Multiple users

You can now invite up to 2 other users to collaborate and work with you in your archive.

Access portal improvements

Previously the home page included a folder called “My public assets”, and portal users had to click on the folder to view your collections. This folder has been removed so that portal users can view your collections directly on the portal home page as shown in the example below:

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