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Public Portal via "View Your Portal"

I have 5 photos and 2 pdf files uploaded in 3 folders, as a test. All 7 assets are marked Public and all 3 folders are marked Public. When I am looking at a particular asset and select “View Public”, I am taken to the public view of the asset. If I click on “Browse Archive” from that window, I am told that this item does not have any descendants.

But if I click on “My public assets” from the breadcrumb trail from that window “Browse Archive>My public assets>Name of Asset”, I am able to see all of the folders that I have uploaded and their contents. So far, so good.


However, if I go to the Dashboard and select “View Your Portal”, and then “Browse Archive”, I am told that this item does not have any descendants.


So the only way that I have found to view all of my Public uploaded assets is to enter through one of the assets from the backend.


Is this as it should be for the free version? Or am I missing some little switch somewhere? Or something else?


I want to be able to send a link for my boss to view, as I am trying to advocate for upgrading from the free version.

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This has been fixed for my instance by the nice folks at Preservica. It appeared to be a back-end problem and only specific to me.

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