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Preservation Formats

Why does preservica not create a preservation format for compressed files like jpg/jpeg or mp3? 

Hi Carey,

Effectively Preservica always creates a preservation format, as the file you upload always becomes the preservation copy. For certain formats we also create an access copy, so for tiff or avi for example we will create a jpg and mp4 version. The access copies are always downscaled, smaller size or use a compressed format in order to take up less storage space and make them easier to share and download.

For an already compressed or lower quality format like jpeg or mp3 then it is very rare that these are able to be downscaled or compressed any further or if they are then the quality is too poor, so we don't create create access versions of these files.

Hope that makes sense

Thanks for the quick reply. I was wondering though if it's possible to have preservica create a lossless format from the compressed file so it no longer degrades.

Two answers to this one really. In Preservica Starter no this not possible I'm afraid, however in our Preservica Professional systems you can configure it to force a migration from a compressed format to another one. 

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