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Embedded IPTC Metadata Support?


I noticed that in January 2021 a user queried support about including IPTC and other embedded metadata. The response was that it was " in the future we are looking at enabling the upload of metadata along with files."

When do you anticipate having this feature available?  Especially IPTC metadata?

This will be a determining factor for me as to if and when I will use Preservica, considering the archive I am working with is primarily photographic materials. The time it would take to manually enter all the metadata is a huge disincentive from diving in to using Preservica at this time.

With thanks for this otherwise awesome starer version!

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Hi Ari,

We aim to have the bulk upload of metadata available early next year, this will support the standard DC and MODS metadata schemas that are included with Starter. There are no plans at the moment to support IPTC metadata in the Starter platform or to extract metadata from a digital object other than the technical metadata we extract already.

Our full Preservica platform, which Starter is built on, will support IPTC metadata through a custom schema but not out of the box.

Sorry if this wasn't the news you wanted!


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