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Problems with .CR2 file migration


I just uploaded a .CR2 file - a Canon raw file from the popular Canon 5D series cameras. The conversion process to the access version of the file made the photograph have a severe cyan shift. The thumbnail in the admin "explorer" section is black and white. Just want to let you know so you can adjust your .CR2 file migration process if need be. I dowloaded the True Original file, opened it and it looks ok on my computer.

Attached are files of: 1. the original .CR2 with original color 2. how the thumbnail is displayed in Preservica 3. how the access copy looks in the public access portal. 

Please let me know if you need a beta tester for Preservica Starter with photographs - embedded IPTC metadata, file conversion, etc. I would be happy to provide more feedback if it would be useful to you.

Best wishes,


Hello Ari,

Thanks for this and apologies for the delay in responding. Could you send me the original .cr2 file directly to my email; so I can test and if necessary pass onto our development team.


Paul Clark

Hello Ari,

I have replicated this issue and will raise a bug for this to be investigated further and fixed in a future version.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.



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