Starter will always try and automatically create a thumbnail for any content file you add to the system, it will also try and do the same for any folders you create or upload in order to display them in the public portal. The thumbnailing process will look in that folder for a file that it can use to base a thumbnail on, however if it cannot find a file it will default to use the standard folder thumbnail like the one below:

A typical example of this is when a folder only contains sub-folders but no actual content files. Thumbnailing will not search recursively down the folder structure to find a compatible file.

We are looking at improvements to add some more flexibility and control to this but in the meantime please use the method below if you encounter this: 


  • Find a content file that has a thumbnail you want to use
  • Move the file into the folder that is missing a thumbnail
  • Go into the public portal and view the folder, the system will auto-generate a thumbnail based on that file you have just moved
  • In the main interface just move that file back to its original location as once a thumbnail has been generated the system will not attempt to do it again and will retain the one it just created.